Detroit Tuned Rebuilt Supercharger

MINI Cooper S Rebuilt Supercharger

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DT SC Rebuilt
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The Eaton M45 Supercharger is normally rated for 100,000 miles, but many of these units can vary greatly in mileage. The most common issue we see is the rear gear assembly runs dry because of a worn out seal. When the rear seal fails, the gear lubrication leaks out of the supercharger, leaving the rear PTO gears dry, causing the large pulley to wear a grove in the smaller pulley. When this happens, the water pump stops spinning at some point and causes the engine to overheat. 

All Detroit Tuned Superchargers come with new:

  • Nose Cone Bearings
  • Nose Cone Seal
  • PTO Gears
  • PTO Bearings
  • Rear Bearing & Seal Retainer System 
  • Heavy Duty Extreme use Seals that Exceed OEM Quality
  • High Temp Supercharger Lubrication Oil

About the rebuild: These are rebuilt locally for us, and only for us per our spec, with new parts that have been designed by us. We are now on the 3rd and final rear gear design that has a new and better tooth design that is not only quieter but has less play in them, and we also hardened them for a longer life. We also redesigned the seal capture system for the rear bearing so that the fluid can't leak out again. What we have learned from all the failed units is we have seen the rear gears fail due to lack of oil. The oil leaked out the back due to a seal failure and caused the bearing to move around in the back plate where it meets the water pump. This was all due to how Eaton rolled the lip over to capture the bearing for the rear gear. To top it all off, we added new fluid to both the front and the rear that is far superior to the GM fluid it came with. This makes a complete ready to bolt on unit that requires nothing for the customer to do other than bolt it on and drive away!

Lets make it faster!  DT Superchargers can come with a stock size pulley installed read to go, but for a few dollars more you can have a 15% or even a 17% pulley installed. If you're adding a pulley, don't forget a new shorter belt and a set of colder plugs to round out the performance needs for your MINI! If you already have an under drive pulley on your current supercharger, take it off before shipping the core back. Select the "No Pulley" option and the supercharger will come ready for you to install your under drive pulley! Also think about a new Supercharger Intake Gasket, Water Pump, or Water Pump O-Ring (fits on the block connection), while you’re at it!

Core Return Form

Note: These DT superchargers carry a two year-unlimited mileage warranty from the date of purchase to the original purchaser and come ready to bolt on. Each DT Supercharger is different in how it's finished look will come out, the rotor coating on early units may not be always perfect, but all work up to spec. Any modification to the supercharger voids all warranties. There is a $500.00 core charge so that we get your old unit back. Old units must be returned within 2 weeks and must be in rebuildable condition. The PTO Gears can be broken, but the case must be in good condition. Units shipped 4-6 week or more after delivery date get a prorated core charge due to having to buy more units and holding up production of new rebuilds. Units returned after 6 weeks, will be taken on a case by case bases.

5 Reviews

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    Supercharger service

    Posted by Efrain Antuna on 30th Oct 2021

    One of the best experiences I've had buying car parts. Thanks.

  • 5
    Just bolt it on and go!

    Posted by Paul on 23rd Jan 2021

    I could not resist having the supercharger sent with a 17% pulley. After a few hundred miles now with this supercharger, I really should have done this modification years ago. Thanks DT for helping me get my R53 back on the road and running stronger than ever!

  • 5
    Mini Cooper Supercharger

    Posted by F. Pratt on 4th Jul 2020

    Unit has been remanufactured and rebuilt to the utmost standards. Would not hesitate to purchase again; however, as well as this unit has been rebuilt I doubt it will ever need to be replaced again!

  • 5
    Ready to run

    Posted by Carlos B on 9th Jan 2017

    Needed a replacement to get back on the road. The supercharger arrived in like 4 days. It came oiled up just needed to swap the red clip over. I'm back on the road. Thanks.

  • 5
    Super Quick Delivery

    Posted by AndreK on 14th Dec 2015

    I broke down with my mini on a friday, ordered the parts I needed, received them within 5 days and had the car back on the road in less then a week. Great parts, super quick delivery.
    Will order my parts for our mini only from Detroit Tuned from now on.